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    Skill Classes

    Skill classes are designed to add to your tool box. Every time you take a class you learn something that adds to your abilities and enables you to try new things on your own. Often it isn’t even the primary subject, but some small tidbit that becomes an “AHA!” moment in your pursuit of crochet. Unless otherwise specified these are three hour classes.

    Materials are provided by students unless noted in class description. The tools in your kit necessary for my classes include: scissors, yarn needle - large and fine, ruler or tape measure, removable stitch markers, safety pins, small sticky notes, pen or pencil.

    Beginner Classes - I teach these classes to small groups, individuals or in yarn shops or retreats. Cost and supplies vary with location. Contact me and let’s work something out!

    Newbie - This is for you if you are brand new to crochet and really anxious to get your hook on.  This is typically a series of four one hour classes designed to provide basic skills and prepare you to go out and create some crochet fabulousity. The schedule and class content can be adjusted according to the needs of the student or event. A complete list of supplies will be provided prior to first class.

    Going In Circles - There are so many amazing things that can be made with circles: hats, bags, bowls, coasters, etc. In this class students learn the basics of how to crochet in a circle using single, half double and double crochet. There are tricks to acheiving a perfect circle. Class length is one to two hours depending on class size.

    Crochet By The Numbers - Like it or not, math is an important part of crochet.  I’m not a math person, so I will make this fun and easy so that you will feel secure in your ability to make the things you want to make. We will discuss and practice gauge, multiples in stitch patterns, and estimating yarn requirements when you just want to make something.

    Creative Crochet Classes - These classes are designed for anyone who already is comfortable with basic crochet skills.  Experience with basic stitches and projects is key to success. While  I never tell someone they can’t take next level classes, in a group setting I will not be able to  teach beginning skills. Rather I will encourage those students to  work to the best of their abilities. There is always something new to learn.

    Simply Single Crochet - Single crochet is the bedrock of crochet. Begin with this humble little stitch and the sky is the limit. I started by asking “what if” and ended up with some really interesting results. We will cover the structure of the single crochet, modifying this basic structure with hook choice, loop height, loop placement, hook placement, and more. From color work to interesting textures, you will learn to create simply stunning single crochet fabric.

    Materials: Smooth worsted weight yarn (no black, dark gray, navy blue or dark brown), a selection of hooks including at least one large hook - Size L, M, O/P preferred, crochet tool kit.

    Scrumbling: The Art of Freeform Crochet - The free in freeform means that you can crochet in any direction, mix up the stitches, and create a unique piece of fiber art. While there are no patterns for a finished piece, there are a few guidelines that will give you the confidence to pick up your hook and create. The skills gained in this class will also benefit your traditional crochet as it will build your understanding of the connection between stitches and fabric.

    Materials: A variety of yarn - small amounts of 5-6 colors of smooth yarn in the same weight (sport, DK, worsted); if desired some textured yarns in colors that coordinate with your solids; a selection of crochet hooks based on your yarns, crochet tool kit.

    Doodling With Yarn: Creative Crochet Fabric - Do you have stash? Who doesn’t, right? In this class you will learn to combine yarns and stitches in new ways to learn how to create your own unique fabric. The techniques can be applied to blankets, sweaters, wall hangings, or whatever makes you happy.

    Topics include:

    • Matching yarn and stitches for maximum effect
    • More than just stripes 
    • Color inspiration and tips for successful color work
    • Starting, stopping and dealing with ends.

    Materials: a variety yarn from your stash - be sure to include complimentary as well as contrasting colors, small amounts are fine; crochet hooks tool kit.

    Spirals, Circles, Pods and Curlicues - In this relaxed and fun class we will make a couple of different kinds of spirals using 1, 2 or 3 colors and learn how to make several different kinds of circles. You will learn the basic mathematical structure of a circle and then how to change it up to have just the unique item you envision. This is a great class to add to your freestyle and artistic crochet arsenal.

    Materials: at least four colors worsted weight yarn and crochet hooks in sizes G-J, and a tool kit.

    Embellish It! - Come with a piece of plain knit or crochet fabric and let’s have some fun embellishing the surface. Techniques taught will include surface crochet, embroidery, needle felting, appliqué, and beading. 

    Materials: completed homework, crochet hooks and tool kit, additional yarn for embellishment. 

    Remaining supplies with be provided by instructor. 

    Materials fee: $10.00

    What Can I Make With This Yarn? - Do you love all the gorgeous hand dyed yarns available to us today? Even the big companies have gotten on the bandwagon with gradient and self striping colorways to tickle our fancy. Ever bring home an irresistible hank of yarn but then didn’t know what to do with it? I’m here to help.

    I am a hand dyer, spinner, and crochet designer and I bring all those skills together to help you pick up your yarn and hook and confidently make a shoulder wrap (also known as a shawl) to keep you warm when you need it or just add a pop of color to any outfit.

    You will learn to make three basic shawl shapes - triangle, crescent, and asymmetrical triangle, as well as exploring a freeform version, choosing yarn, hook and stitches for the results you envision.

    Materials: light colored worsted weight yarn and a size H, I, J, and K hook for sampling and swatching, and your crochet tool kit.

    Crochet Workshop - 6 hours

    A Landscape In Stitches - Bring your favorite landscape picture and learn to recreate it in crochet. We will begin by identifying the primary shapes of the landscape and determine what combination of stitches will bring the image to life. Once we finish the background, the fun begins. 

    Embellishment techniques including surface crochet, needle felting and embroidery will transform the fabric into a work of art. Several options for mounting or using your landscape in other projects.

    Materials: a picture of a landscape - this can be a photo (printed on regular computer paper) or a picture from a magazine. Blast your stash by bringing small amounts of colors found in your photograph...or colors you wish were in it! Also needed are crochet hooks and your tool kit.

    The fee for this class is $75 plus a materials fee of $10 which covers additional materials for needle felting and surface crochet. 

    Project Classes

    The goal of project classes is to come with your personal tool kit and leave with a finished product. All materials will be supplied by the instructor in kit format which includes complete instructions which will enable you to make more items on your own. The kits are for sale by themselves, but you save $5.00 when you combine the class and kit.

    Gotta Have Heart - Learn to make your very own heart ornament. You will be guided in crocheting the heart, stuffing it, and embellishing it in this fun filled class. A kit is available for students, so just bring your crochet hooks and tool kit. This is a three hour class.

    Class + Kit - $40.00

    Kit - $15.00

    Scrumble A Coin Purse - Scrumble is the word first coined by Sylvia Cosh and James Walters, originators of modern freeform crochet, for the small organic shapes created with crochet. In three hours of fun you will crochet a few scrumbles, place them around a foam ball and then sew or crochet them together. After a break for snacks and stretching, we will come back to line and sew the crochet to a snap closure frame. At the end of a fun and relaxing day, you will leave with a one of a kind coin purse and a deep sense of accomplishment. This is a five hour class.

    Class + Kit - $70.00

    Kit - $25.00

    Yarn Spinning Classes with Sheryl

    There are times when you want a special yarn for a project and you just can’t find it anywhere. Don’t despair! Make it yourself. In these two classes you will learn the basic skills needed for making unique yarns for use in all kinds of projects. You may spin enough to make a hat or just enough of a wild art yarn to embellish an art piece (or that hat!). Learning to spin helps you understand yarn in a whole new way and opens the door to a new fiber obsession!

    The materials for these classes are included in the class fee. Both classes are three hours long. 

    Class Fee: $50.00

    Twist and Shout - You will shout with joy when you make yarn for the first time. This class will teach you the following:

    • Learn the structure of wool and how it becomes yarn
    • Terms such as draft, staple length, Z-twist, S-twist, cop, ply, and more
    • How to spin single strands of yarn
    • How to ply two strands together
    • Winding yarn on a niddy noddy
    • How to finish your yarn at home.

    Creative Yarn on a Drop Spindle - Once you have the basics of drop spindling down it is time to get creative. We will play with fiber, locks, sparkly stuff, and add in items such as beads to add a creative touch to your yarn. The finished yarn is perfect for use as an accent in a variety of projects and in freeform crochet.

    Students can bring a spindle if they own one, otherwise all supplies are included in class fee.

    Freeform crochet art work.

    Freeform crochet art work.